About Dan’s Appliance Fix

This Service was founded by Danilo Santos, who is an experienced Kitchen Appliance Technician with solid knowledge and skill. He is not a ghost behind a desk, he is out there on the field every day for all of your needs and takes pride in his work.

This Service is Family-run; more often than not, you will speak to me, the call manager as well as Dan’s sister and your work will be personally Repaired or Maintained by Dan himself or one of his teamates who are all skillful, experienced and considered family.  This is a team of talented professionals who understand your needs and the important roll that your appliance plays on a day to day basis.

Your concerns are our concerns and we will make sure that we meet your needs as expediantely as possible to get your appliance back into fighting form.

Thank you for stopping in today, we look forward to serving you.

Dan’s Appliance.